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MN Job Match for Employers

All organizations are in the business of talent. Hiring the right people is more critical than ever before. However, all employers struggle to find the talent they need.

Traditional recruiting methods often require employers to sort through high volumes of resumes or settle for a less than ideal candidate. For employers of any size, this process can be costly and time-consuming, often  without the payoff of an excellent hire. Job Match revolutionizes the recruiting process, connecting you with quality candidates  uniquely matched to your role.


It’s intuitive. It’s smart. It’s highly effective. It is not, however, a typical web-based job board. Our tool is a proven solution that saves businesses time and money. This state-of-the-art technology uses sophisticated blind- matching algorithms to connect candidates and employers based on skills, interests and job requirements. Our data-driven technology sorts and stack-ranks matched candidates based on alignment with job characteristics, not keyword counts. Best of all, getting started is easy.

  • Create an employer account
  • Answer specific questions about the available position
  • Meanwhile, candidates answer correlated questions about their unique skills and interests
  • You receive a list of the candidates who best match your needs, and then click to connect

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